Funerals & Memorials

Losing someone close to you is never easy.  We have so much to say and are often overwhelmed and unprepared for the choices presented to us. Allow me to be a guide and remove some of that burden so you can focus on gathering with loved ones, sharing stories, and accessing your grief in a healing way. 

A time to gather. A time to heal.

When my father passed in 2020, it fell on my shoulders to organise his memorial.  He was a man of service, always assisting his neighbours with odds and ends around their homes.  When he passed, it was important to find an activity that honoured this side of him.  I found a local non-profit that ran a community garden in my hometown. As part of our memorial gathering for my father, we built raised garden beds for this non-profit.  The activity functioned as a safe space whereby participants could share stories and reminisce about my father in a healthy way. 

Let's do something special

As a Funeral Celebrant, my aim is to work with you to build a ceremony that truly embodies the persona of the loved one who has passed.

Did your uncle love visiting Hawaii? Then let’s throw a Luau and have everyone dress up in Hawaiian shirts.  Did your mother love nature and walk through forests? Then let’s tell stories around a campfire under a gumtree canopy. Let me help you design something beautiful that honours the person who has passed in a way that goes beyond just telling their chronological story and engages all that come to celebrate in their life. 

Process: please get in touch and we can discuss your needs

Price: ~450 (varies based on ceremony design)

When my uncle passed away unexpectedly, it was devastating for our family. We were so fortunate to have Kyle Stewart available to help us through this most difficult time. 

Kyle came in and channeled our grief into beloved memories, and happier times. He was able to bring a calmness to our family, helping us be "present" with our grief while still moving forward. Kyle put together a well thought out memorial that made us all laugh and "happy" cry. 

He also gathered our immediate family together at my uncle’s home and did a ritual to clear the energy, smudging with sage incense and leading us on a guided meditation. This was so soothing and we were able to release negativity and hurt while filling our hearts and the home with positivity.

Thanks to Kyle, we were filled with a sense of peace and serenity. He made what was a tragedy in our lives easier to bear and showed us how to find the positives and peace in our hearts.  

~ Marnie and Candy, Humble TX

I recently engaged Kyle Stewart to host a Zoom-based memorial event for my elderly uncle, David. Kyle took the time to understand the life, context and family of David, and used his sensitivity and understanding of people to design and host an event that actively engaged about 15 participants of widely varied ages and background. Kyle successfully encouraged each person to share their memories of David, and this aspect of the event was particularly appreciated.

~ Peter Fisk, Blackheath NSW