Elopements or “registry style” weddings are all about getting back to the basics without making your commitment a huge or expensive ordeal.  It’s perfect for those looking for something small, intimate, and low-fuss. This of course doesn’t mean it should be bland or without special touches!


Breaking it down to its simplest parts, there are some words spoken (legal requirement), optional vows and/or rings, some signatures, two witnesses, and BAM you’re hitched.


We toast over a drink of your choice and afterward, I submit the paperwork to Births, Deaths and Marriages. When registered, I order you your Official Marriage Certificate which is mailed to your address (you will need this certificate for passport changes, name changes, wills, and the like).



I offer a variety of ceremonies so depending on your requirements, fees will vary. Please contact me to discuss the ceremony that best suits you and your situation.

Elope Blue Mountains

If you're looking for a stress-free wedding planning experience, I highly encourage you to check out Elope Blue Mountains. This collective of local industry veterans thrive on pulling together one-of-a-kind wedding and elopement experiences so you can focus on quality conversations, great food, and the celebration of your love.

Venues and Resources

The Blue Mountains has amazing venues, lookouts, and service providers to take your special day to the next level. Check out my personal recommendations: