Hello, my name is Kyle

I’m a fun and relaxed celebrant who believes life’s big ceremonies don’t need to be cookie-cutter or boring - the more creative and tailored the event, the more meaningful it becomes. Whether it’s an elopement or a big family affair, my job is to make you feel heard, walk you through the legal requirements, and provide inspiration at every step of the way.

My Journey

I found my way into working as a Celebrant after what felt like the universe leaving me a trail of breadcrumbs.  I've always had a love for weddings - soaking in that feel good energy and celebrating the joy of friends and family finding their special someone.  In 2019, my youngest brother asked me to officiate his wedding. Of course I said yes and was ecstatic to be involved in such a special way. 

Then in 2020, my father unexpectedly passed and as the eldest son I took over the funeral and memorial arrangements. I found a special kind of healing in planning a memorable and unique service that honoured his life. It was through this experience I learned the power ceremony has in allowing us to access grief in a healing way. I am very much looking forward to helping you do the same.

Elope Blue Mountains

As a Celebrant in the Blue Mountains for several years, I've found some amazing wedding vendors who I now consider some of my closest friends. Work doesn't feel like work when you get to do it with people you love. 

To this end, I started Elope Blue Mountains - a full-service concierge for personal weddings and elopements. We cater to couples looking to create a beautiful and intimate wedding for their closest people. As locals to this incredible area, it is our passion to deliver personalised ceremonies at spectacular venues allowing you to focus on quality conversations, great food, and the celebration of your love. 

Planning a wedding does not need to be a hugely stressful event. Instead of working and communicating with numerous vendors, you can lean on us and our local knowledge to curate the perfect elopement experience

In addition to being a Celebrant, I am also a Reiki (energy) healer and teacher. I find  this healing modality compliments the work I do as a Celebrant and would be very open to chatting with you on how to incorporate nature and spirituality elements into your ceremony.